These tutorials are helpful when you need a guide to operate our software. We will constantly add more tutorials according to users' needs.

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Format Title Category Level
Written Record Audio Audio Recording I
Written Record Streaming Audio Audio Recording II
Written Edit Music Audio Editing I
Written Mix Audio Files Audio Editing II
Written Edit ID3 Tags Audio Editing II
Written Add Audio Effects Audio Editing I
Written Add Echo to Audio Audio Editing II
Written Batch Convert Audio Files Audio Conversion II
Written Join Audio Files Audio Joining II
Written Download YouTube Videos YouTube Download II
Written Burn Audio CD Audio CD Burning II
Written Convert Audio CD to WMA Audio Conversion II
Written Home Uses of Audio Editing Software Info I
Written Professional Uses of Audio Editing Software Info I
Written Audio Editing Software Terms and Definitions Info I
Written Record Sound Audio Recording II
Written Schedule Recording Audio Recording I
Written Convert Audio Files Audio Conversion I
Written Convert M4a to MP3 Audio Conversion I
Written Download YouTube Video Files YouTube Download II
Written Convert Video Files Video Conversion I
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